Jonesville Cemetery Association

Citizen of the Year Award: Ed Hughes, Jonesville Trustee and Lot Salesperson, was recognized at the July 15, 2022 meeting of the Glenville Rotary Club for his meritorious service of helping to bring the Hillside Cemetery in Ballston from its abandoned state by standing up over 100 fallen monuments at this point. He is the first non-Rotarian to receive the Citizen of the Year award. In addition, on September 13, 2022, The Ballston Town Board recognized Ed “For his dedication to restoring Hillside Cemetery, by bringing to LIFE the many faded, toppled and forgotten headstones. Along with sharing his LIGHT with others around him through his volunteerism and enthusiasm toward honoring the people who have gone before us.” Ed resigned from his volunteer role as Jonesville Cemetery lot salesperson on August 1.

Bellamy Gift: Thanks to Nancy Bellamy and her donation in Memory of William and Lorraine Ryan. Trustee Ed Hughes designed and installed an informative sign with inscriptions from the 1800s; it is on the high road in the cemetery.

2022 Annual Lot Owners’ Meeting was held in the cemetery on Thursday, May 26, 6:30 pm. Board members Hinman, Berlin and Frasier and one lot owner attended.

2021: FYI: There were 53 interments, 43% of which were cremation interments.
2022: FYI. By motion of the President to the Board, the minutes of the Board will only report actions of the Board and will not include any compliments mentioned during meetings concerning contributions of Board members or others, such as the comments below.

Changes on the Board: We express our deep appreciation to Theresa Valsoke and Bill Balfoort for their contributions to the Board; they resigned from the Board in 2021 and to Ed Hughes for being the sole lot salesperson in 2020 – 2022; Trustees Ron Winters and Allan Atwell passed in 2021, 22, respectively.

Achievements for 2019

  • Sale of a variety of lot sizes for full and cremation interment.
  • New area markers and posts to be purchased.
  • Electrical box and roof stained as well as 4×4 posts (used for markers).
  • Rules and Regulations signs scraped and painted.
  • Repair of broken and fallen monuments.
  • Tree removal, maintenance and replacement.

Goals for 2020

  • Grave sales to meet the needs of our lot owners
  • Professional evaluation of lightning struck tree in Area G
  • Paint Maintenance Shed
  • Bell Tower (including roof) and electrical box stained.
  • Repair broken monuments and grave markers. 
  • Investigate new supplier of metal brackets for selected broken monuments
  • Update cemetery maps to include new options in the sale of lots

Financial Picture

Several years ago, the Trustees set a goal of having $1 million in our Permanent Maintenance Fund and Permanent Operating Fund. In 2019, the goal was achieved, increasing financial stability well into the future, as cemetery space is filled.

The Permanent Maintenance Fund may not be used, under state law, until all salable space has been sold and income (at that point) does not meet cemetery costs. The primary fund at that time will be the administrative fee for each interment. Based on present trends, the Association continues to project available lots for another 15 – 20 years.

Members on Board/

We thank the following members for their contributions while serving our lot owners: Valerie Dechene (served duties as President and Lot Salesperson). Karen Bever (Minutes Taker), Peter Brooks, and Wayne Wales. They left the Board in 2019.
Ed Hughes returned to the Board in 2020 to focus on cemetery sales, mapping, website, and newsletter.

Interested in Becoming a Trustee?

The Association depends on active volunteers to serve on the Board and to use their skills in the cemetery through a series of ongoing activities. Our Landscaping Committee focuses on flowers and our gardens at the Vault Garden, Veterans’ Memorial, and the Hatlee Memorial (water pump).

The Finance Committee handles income, expenditures, and reports to the IRS and New York State.

The Sales Committee meets with families interested in purchasing lots in the cemetery. This involves a knowledge of available space and meeting the unique needs of our families.

The Operations Committee assists the superintendent with laying out graves, installing corner markers, dealing with the upkeep of the cemetery, and learning about all ongoing activities, such as monument repair. All lawn work is handled by our private contractor.

Final Word: We welcome your questions and comments concerning our annual report to our lot owners. Please use our email address as your method of contacting us. Be safe and enjoy the good days ahead.


Reminders to Our Lot Owners: When planting near your memorial stone, remember to keep within the 15 inch limit from the stone. Second, the Association does not allow solar lights of any type or wrought iron hooks of any kind or size. Do not place any glass or breakable objects near your stone or on your lot, as they can become a hazard to our lawn mowers. Any silk flowers which are faded should be removed. Thank you.

Animal Burials: Jonesville Cemetery Association does not permit the burial of any animals on cemetery property. [5/10/17]

Gift In Memory of Elsie George: The Association has received a most generous gift to the Project Fund in Memory of Elsie George who passed away at the end of 2016.

Tour of Cemetery: A group of middle school students who are attending the summer program at the Jonesville United Methodist Church toured the cemetery to learn about its history, its early connection with their church, and the lives of some who rest in the peace of Jonesville Cemetery. Trustee Ed Hughes who conducted the tour said he loved the enthusiasm, interest, and questions during the hour together.

Student Tour, August,2016

Parking in Cemetery: We ask all who visit to park their cars on the roadway and not on the grass (over graves). When a car is blocking a road, we ask others to use an alternate road instead of driving on the grass to go around a parked car. There is a small parking space for Areas E and F to the left of the Hatlee Trustees Area (water pump) near the tree; parking space in Area D near the work area; parking space for Are

Honoring NYS Trooper: The Association installed a new flag and metal symbol to honor George Abare, who served in the NYS Police. Another former State Trooper rests in Jonesville; he is Bernard McGuire.

Tribute to George Abare

Tribute to George Abare

Jonesville Cemetery has been placed on the New York State Register of Historic Places and on the National Register of Historic Places.

National Register 1864 015

Board Member Passes; Memorial Plaque Placed: Past member Milton Hatlee who served on the Board and volunteered many hours meeting the needs of the cemetery passed in July 11, 2012 after a brief illness. Since retiring  from the Board, Milton would continue to drive through the cemetery each day, stop and assist Board members working in the cemetery, and provide his knowledge of the history of the Association. When the Meneely Bell was placed in the new bell tower, Milton rang the bell for the first time, since its removal from the Grace Episcopal Church on Main Street, where he and his family attended services before it closed. We mourn his passing and honor his dedication as he joins those who have left the active life to rest in the peace and beauty of Jonesville Cemetery. A memorial plaque has been placed in the upgraded water pump area in his honor.

Reminder concerning vegetation on lot: It is the responsibility of the lot owner to maintain the growth of vegetation/plants on the lot. If you were allowed to plant bushes in the past, you have agreed – – by cemetery rules – – to trim them each year by August 1; the Association has trimmed bushes on old lots. Also, vegetation which covers the face of the stone (where names are) must be cut back so the stone can easily be read. Plantings which exceed the 15 inch rule (in front of the stone) or which hang over on neighboring lots must be cut back. All of these rules help to maintain the beauty and neatness of the cemetery, while respecting neighboring lots.

No Sunday Burials: The Board of Trustees has determined that burials may occur Monday – Saturday in the Jonesville Cemetery. Unless there are unusual circumstances which the Board will need to review and act on, there will be no burials on Sunday, effective as of October 21, 2011.

Water Pump Enhancement (known as the Hatlee Trustees Memorial): We are pleased with our new enhancements to the water pump area near the Longkill entrance. The new split rail fencing and plantings really add a pleasant feeling to that area. A new informational display shows the original cemetery map with all of the unique names for all sections and roads in the cemetery. A handy self-tour guide is available for those who would like to visit unique interment places or monuments.

Artificial Flowers: Owners are encouraged to remove faded artificial flowers and replace them yearly.




Newsletter; Bell

Begun and written by Ed Hughes, the Jonesville’s newsletter (Keeping in Touch) was written from  January, 2006 – November, 2014, March, 2020 – September, 2021 (normal publication in March and October) and mailed to all 130 Friends of the Cemetery who had contributed to the cemetery through the Fund Drive or at other times. The …

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