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Notes from Our Lot Owners

Jonesville Cemetery Association welcomes feedback from our lot owners on how we are doing and what we can do to improve. Because these owners took the time to write us, we thought we would share them with our appreciation:

I find the Jonesville Cemetery to be a beautiful and peaceful
setting to visit and reflect on our son who is interred there.  I
believe many find solace on the grounds that no church could replace.  I
know that without the hard work of many, over a long period of time, it
wouldn’t be the beautiful garden that it is. (Jim)

We can’t tell you how comforting we find the Jonesville Cemetery. The cemetery is impeccably run and is a true piece of history.Thank you for all that you and the rest of the Board of Directors and the supervisor do for the cemetery.(Fred and Karen B)

Ed was more than helpful – – he helped me process my grief. I so value the time he spent to ensure I would be happy with my choice.(Beth L.)

Salesperson was courteous, knowledgeable, and very helpful. Very satisfied with our experience. (Sandy B)

Ed provided an educational, historical and thorough review of Jonesville Cemetery and assisted with selection of desired lot location. Could not have been more pleased with our experience. (William T)

The cemetery is looking to be in very good hands – – it is by far, the loveliest and most peaceful resting place for every departed soul whose remains are buried there. Thanks for all that goes into keeping it alive and emanating the love of all survivors. (Mary K.)

Enclosed is a contribution in memory of my father.Thanks for your help in maintaining and improving the Jonesville Cemetery. (Sara K.)

Thanks for keeping me in the loop regarding the Association. I particularly enjoy reading the newsletter. Please add my donation to the project fund. (Mary K)

I wish to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful, creative enhancements to the Jonesville Cemetery and for the outstanding newsletter capturing the history and lives of those who have reached their final destination…One article (Footsteps in the Snow) reminded me of the long snowy winter following my husband’s death when I utilized X-country skis to visit his burial site most days.(Mildred B)

I read your piece on your daughter. Your thoughts give me comfort and solace during this difficult time. I know she will live on in the hearts of those who loved her. (John S.)

I enclose a picture of Betsy. It shows her spirit and her joy. She loved life totally. Thank you for all your care and concern, and the beautiful essays you wrote about your daughter. (Nancy W)

We appreciated your timely assistance in choosing a burial plot for our little baby, Paige. We were touched when you rang the bell on the afternoon we buried Paige. We have felt very pleased with the cemetery and find that it is a very peaceful place to visit. Thank you for having a tree planted in a National Forest in Paige’s honor. Your thoughtful sentiments are very comforting to us. (Jared C)

You have done so very much to improve the looks of everything in the cemetery. The rebuilding of some of the old stones is quite awesome. I can hear the bell tower from my house – – really makes me stop and think. It is such a peaceful place. (Elsie G)

 The cemetery is in very good hands – – it is by far, the loveliest and most peaceful resting place for every departed soul whose remains are buried there. Thanks to the Association for all that goes into keeping it alive and reflecting the love of all survivors. (Lot Owner 2014)