Questions are arranged as follows: (1) Jonesville Cemetery,Trustees and Meetings;
(2) Cost of lots/Interments/Cremations/Rules;
(3) Bell; (4) Winter/Decorations/Benches

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(1) Operation of Cemetery: NYS Rating, Trustees and Board Meetings, Preplanning

Q. Why purchase a lot in Jonesville Cemetery?

A. Jonesville is a unique cemetery for those who live in the area. It is conveniently located off Exit 10 of the Northway, it is well-maintained, it has an informal, relaxed beauty and appearance, it has helpful personnel, it offers choice in options and sites for traditional and cremation interments at reasonable rates, it keeps in contact with its owners, it sets yearly goals and achieves them, it respects the various ways our owners reflect their grief and respect for their loved ones, it is responsive to our owners’ requests, and much more.

Q. When was Jonesville Cemetery placed on the New York State Register of Historic Places and on the National Register of Historic Places?
A. The Association was notified on February 18, 2014 that it has been so placed on the NY Registry and on April 7, 2014 on the National Registry. John Scherer, Clifton Park Town Historian, nominated the cemetery for this honor.


Q. Jonesville Cemetery is a non-profit cemetery subject to review by the NYS Division of Cemeteries. What has the Division said about the operation of the cemetery?
A. The Division has said that the cemetery itself is in exceptionally good condition and “serve[s] as a model for your community.” The Division in its financial review says that Jonesville is one of the most well-funded cemeteries in Saratoga County, with a pro-active board who has shown great concern in both mananging Jonesville Cemetery and planning for its care in perpetuity.(November, 2009). The next evaluation occurred in June, 2013. The Division gave us the same positive evaluation.

Q. When do the Trustees hold their monthly meetings so I may attend?
The Trustees meet on a “need basis” at 7 pm. They definitely meet in January for election of officers and Trustees and May for the annual Lot Owners’ meeting. If you wish to attend a meeting, email us and ask  when the next meeting will be held in the Jonesville Fire Department on Main Street.

Q. How can I find out what topics and decisions are made at Trustee meetings?
A. By law, all lot owners may request a copy of the minutes when they are approved by the Board at the following meeting or may ask for copies of reports accepted by the Board

Q. When is the annual lot owners’ meeting with the Jonesville Cemetery Board?
A. The annual meeting varies in May. It is held at the Jonesville Fire Department on Main Street in Jonesville. Check the homepage of this website in late April/May to see the date of the annual meeting.   The meeting is open to lot owners to listen to the Board’s accomplishments and goals, and to ask questions/express views on the operation of the cemetery.

Q. What is the benefit of purchasing a pre-need cemetery site?
A. Purchasing a site before an immediate need provides a more relaxed opportunity to consider the available sites/options.

Q. If I wish to do pre-planning and to select a site in the cemetery, what process do I need to follow?
A. You may contact a local Funeral Director to pre-plan your funeral services. If you wish only to select a site, you may do so by contacting Jonesville Cemetery (see Contact Us).

Q. When I purchase a lot in the cemetery, what am I purchasing?
A. You are purchasing the right of burial in that place. As a result, the Association  determines/sets rules and regulations concerning the size of the monument and what may go on the ground (flowers, etc.). The Association  requires burial vaults for the grave. The Association  requires that a marker be placed on the lot within one year of the first interment on the lot to identify the lot and interred person.

Q. What is covered in the charge for a lot in the cemetery?
A. The ownership of the site and permanent maintenance of the site. Permanent maintenance means the cemetery will cut the grass in the cemetery and around all monuments, unless the area is blocked by pots or other items at the gravesite. Owners are responsible for their own gravestones and for the yearly removal of faded artificial flowers or other items. Owners are responsible for maintaining their lots in accordance with any changes in our Rules and Regulations.

(2) Cost of Lots, Interment Practices, Cremations, Rules, Ordering a Monument for your Lot, Selling Back, Deed

Q. What is the cemetery fee charged at the time of an interment?
A. The present $200 administrative fee covers the NYS vandalism fee and lot restoration after the opening and maintenance. It is paid to the Jonesville Cemetery Association at the time of interment.

Q. What are the costs for cemetery lots?
A. There are two options: full grave (4’x10′) and cremation lot (4’x4′). The cost for full graves in Areas A, B, C, D is $1500; and  in Areas E, F, G, H is $1800. The cost for a cremation lot is as follows: Area G ($600 for interment of one cremains or $800 for two cremains), Area G in another section ($1000 or $1200 for two cremains), Area C ($700 or $900 for two cremains).

Q. What are the charges for casket and cremation (urn) burials?
A. The Funeral Director includes the charge in his/her charges and pays the private contractor his rates, which generally range from $650 (M-F) to $675 (Sat) for full-body (casket) interments. The charge for cremation (urn) burials range from ($350) (M-F) – ($450) (Sat) and is paid to the private contractor at the time of the interment. There are no interments on Sundays.

Q. How many individuals may be interred in a 4 x 10 grave?
. One person (casket) may be interred in a single grave; the cremains of a second person may also be interred. Another option is to inter two cremains on a 4 x 10 lot. At the time of the sale of the lot, the burial arrangements are stated in the deed.  The Association  allows additional cremains on this lot for an additional charge. At most, you may place on a 4 ft x 10 ft lot (a) one full-body and up to three cremains OR (b)  a total of 4 cremains on the lot at an additional charge.

Q. My relative wishes his cremains to be scattered in the mountains; our family would like to have his name/dates on the family memorial stone on our lot in the cemetery. Will the Association allow this?
A.Yes. The Association will honor a special request from a lot owner  to place the name and dates of the deceased on the memorial stone without having the person interred in the cemetery or a burial permit/cremation certificate presented to the Association for filing in the Town Clerk’s office. A notation will be made in cemetery records by the Secretary that the person was interred elsewhere.

Q. What is the origin of the word “cremains”?
A. Cremains are the cremated remains.

Q. I am not sure how many cremains to have on my lot right now. May I purchase a lot now, say I want two cremains on the lot, and purchase space for two more cremains on the lot in the future?
A. Yes. If you purchase space for four cremains now, you pay at the present rates. If you decide to add space for two additional cremains in several years, you will pay the rates charged at that future time.

Q. What happens if I buy space for four cremains now and decide in the future that I don’t need space for two cremains. Will the Association buy back the space for the two additional cremains?
A. No, because the Association cannot buy back a part of a grave.

Q. How are cremains arranged on a 4 ft x 10 ft lot?
A. The Association will share with you at the time of the purchase an illustration of how the cremains will be arranged on the lot. Generally speaking, the cremains are placed near  the top of the lot below the headstone.

Q. What are the sizes of a lot in the cemetery?
A. The single plot/lot is 4 x 10 feet; a cremation spot is 4 x 4 feet, subject to change. Various size plots or combinations are available. Contact the Jonesville Cemetery Association for the most accurate charges.

Q. Why does the Association require the purchase and installation of corner posts on 4 x 10 graves?
A. Most purchases are on a pre-need basis. To help the owner and the Association to more easily locate sold lots, the Association requires the flat-to-the-ground corner posts.The corner markers also define the limits of the lot to help in the planting of flowers. The charge is $100 for two on a single grave and $180 for four on 2 or more graves.

Q. In a lot for the interment of a man and woman (husband and wife), who is interred on the left and right, as you face the headstone?
A. Custom is that the man is placed on the left (as you face the lot – headstone) and the woman on the right. Unless requested otherwise at the time of the selling of the property, Jonesville will follow this practice in all lots.

Q. Why is the man placed on the left?
A. There are two “thoughts” on this practice. One is the man is on the left and the woman on the right when they face a minister during marriage. When the man stands next to his wife, his physical heart is to the left of the center of his body – – closer to his wife.

Q. Are there guidelines on the size of a stone marker and on the placement of flowers on the site?
A. Yes. You may review all rules and regulations which are listed on this web site.

Q. Are  the rules of the cemetery posted at the entrances  to the cemetery?
A. Yes. The most frequently asked rules are listed on the sign. Additional rules in a “mail” type box at the main entrance. They are also listed on the Rules/Update pages of this website and are distributed to deed owners when a cemetery lot is purchased.

Q. What percentage of Americans choose cremation over a traditional burial?
. In 2016, according to the Cremation Association of North America and the National Funeral Directors Association, cremations account for 49% of all dispositions; the projection is the percentage will top 70% by 2030. Why the change? Acceptance by organized religions, cost, and mobility away from a family plot are suggested reasons.

Q. I am interested in a columbarium (a memorial stone which has open spaces inside for cremains). Does Jonesville allow it so that I may have an above-ground burial?
A. No, the Association according to the Rules and Regulations, last updated and approved January 2019, Jonesville Cemetery does not allow for a columbarium or any other above ground burial.

Q. How soon after purchasing a lot in the cemetery will I receive my deed?
A. At the time of the purchase of a lot, you sign the Confirmation of Purchase  indicating you know where the property is and its cost, you understand all Rules and Regulations are contained in a booklet and are updated on our website, and you agree to follow Rules concerning the approval process of placing a monument in the cemetery within one year of the first interment on the lot; you also indicate that you understand the practice of the Association to close the cemetery to interments and to the placement of monuments during the winter months when the Association determines the grounds are unsafe.
Within 7 – 10 days, you will receive your deed, the Confirmation of Purchase, a copy of the Rules and Regulations booklet, and several articles on memorial stones.

Q. Are there restrictions on the size and type of monument I may have on my lot?
A. Yes. The Association has established very specific requirements for any monument/ gravestone/ plaque placed in the cemetery. At the time of the purchase of lot, lot owners receive Rules and Regulations along with their deed. It is absolutely necessary to read the rules concerning monuments before placing an order to have them made. The Association will deny the placement of any stone which does not meet its rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the lot owner to know what the rules are and to have a monument maker submit to the Superintendent a detailed sketch of the monument, including wording, symbols, etc. on the stone, at least 30 days before the stone is made. The sketch will be reviewed by the Association and approved in writing or denied; in the latter case, the Association will work with the lot owner and monument maker to find an acceptable resolution to any areas which do not initially meet the regulations. The latest rules and regulations appear on this website. When revisions are made, they are posted on the website and will appear in future printed Rules and Regulations.

Hayner Memorial Stones

Hayner Memorial Stones

Q. What is the process I must follow to have a memorial stone placed on my lot?
A. First, review our Rules and Regulations concerning the size of a monument for your lot. Second, contact a monument company and work out the details of your memorial stone; most know our Rules. Third, the monument company will contact our private contractor to order a foundation. Fourth, when the foundation is finished and your monument has been prepared to your satisfaction (about 6 – 8 weeks), the monument company will contact the cemetery to tell us when the stone will be placed on the foundation on a certain day; you will be contacted by the company when that occurs. Please do not call us. The private contractor is responsible for his costs, work, and completion of his work, not the Association. 

Q. If there is a delay in the foundation or the placement of the stone, should I contact the cemetery?
A. Call the monument company first and ask them about the delay. If they are not the reason, ask for the contact information for the foundation contractor and speak directly to him. The cemetery association should be called only if you are not able to receive satisfaction from the contractor.

Q. We are moving from the area and will not be using our two grave lot. May we sell it to a friend who is interested in our lot?
A. The simple answer is, “No.” You may not sell the lot to another person. By law,  the Association  must be asked if it wishes to buy back the lot. If interested, the Association will buy back the lot at the price you paid.  You must prove ownership of the lot by returning the original deed. The Association has a copy of the original deed. If you have misplaced the original deed, you must declare that ownership and your identity through a legal document or lawyer. If you and another person own the lot, both persons must request the selling of the lot to the Association. If one disagrees, the lot will not be bought back and you may not sell the lot to another person. If your request is received and you have proven your identity and ownership of the lot through a legal document, the Association will buy back the lot. Once you receive the check from the Association, you give up all claims to the lot.
There are times the Association will not buy back a grave. For example, you cannot sell the middle grave on a three-grave lot or a two grave lot that has a memorial stone on the center of the two-grave lot. If you have corner markers on the lot, you may request their return at the time of sale or give them to the Association. Contact the President of the Association to work out the details if you decide on selling a lot back to the Association.

Q. Is the cemetery associated with any particular faith traditions?
A. No. The Jonesville Cemetery is nonsectarian and is owned and operated by the Jonesville Cemetery Association, a nonprofit organization, licensed by New York state.

(3) Bell 

Q. What is the story concerning the new bell at the Ushers Road entrance?
A. The Meneely Bell originally hung in the former Grace Episcopal Church on Main Street in Jonesville. In 2008 after receiving the bell from the Charlton Historical Society and a formal request from the Jonesville Cemetery Association, the Town Board of Clifton Park placed the bell on permanent display in the Jonesville Cemetery in a new tower donated and built by Hinman Construction Company.

Q. When will the bell be rung?
A. The bell will ring automatically each day at 9 a.m.,noon, 3 and at 6 p.m.

Q. I notice the cemetery has its own newsletter entitled Keeping in Touch. How does one get on the mailing list?
A. The newsletter is mailed  twice a year (March and October) to members of the Friends of the Cemetery. All Friends have made a donation to the cemetery project fund at various levels.
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Honoring over 100 veterans in Jonesville

Honoring over 100 veterans in Jonesville

(4) Miscellaneous Questions: Unique Monuments, Winter Closing, Holiday Decorations, Cleaning Stones, Benches

Q. Are people of all faiths or no faith traditions interred in the cemetery?
A. Yes. Jonesville is a non-denominational, non-sectarian cemetery.

Q. Approximately how many people are interred in the cemetery?
A. Although some records are missing (a fire in 1913 destroyed one burial book), a reasonable estimate is about 3000 are interred in Jonesville as of 2022. The estimate includes  about 252 from Union Grove Cemetery who were moved to Jonesville in 1864 when the cemetery began. Approximately 100 veterans are interred in the cemetery.

Q. What is the oldest gravestone in the cemetery?
A. Jemima Hubbs, January 10, 1799; she passed away at the age of 41.
Oldest stone in cemetery

Q. Which person interred in the cemetery in the early days of the cemetery had lived the longest life?
A. Joseph Brewer, 1715 – 1812.

Q. What is the tallest monument in the cemetery?
A. The Weld monument at the top of Area H near the Longkill fence is the tallest at 17 feet, 3 inches.

Q. What is the source of funding for ongoing maintenance of the cemetery?
A. There are three sources: sale of cemetery lots, occasional donations from lot owners, and remembrances in Wills. The cemetery is required by law to set aside 10% from the sale of lots into a perpetual fund which may not be used until all cemetery lots have been sold. So, when a person bought a lot in 1879 and paid $10, $1 would have done into a fund, if the law were in effect, which will care for that site! Jonesville Cemetery has been frugally operated through the years and has placed in the past about 40 – 50% of funds from the sale of cemetery lots into the Fund. Jonesville Cemetery Association encourages lot owners and community residents and businesses to make donations to the perpetual fund or to special projects.

Q. I have noticed that some of the new markers have discolored. How often should they be cleaned and who does the cleaning?
A. Over time, all markers discolor because of weathering or other environmental factors. You can clean your markers once a year or when needed, or you may contact a professional service to complete this task. JCA has developed a booklet on cleaning your own stones; just send us an email to request a free copy.

Q. How long does it normally take for a marker to be placed on a site?
A. This varies, depending on arrangements you have made with your Funeral Director or a Monument Company. Six – eight weeks would be a good guess. In the meantime, you may ask the Funeral Director to place a small temporary marker on the site.

Q. Does the cemetery have a mausoleum or plan to have one?
A. Because of the size, character and rules of the cemetery, no community mausoleum exists and none is planned.

Q. May cremation urns be interred in the cemetery?
A. Yes. Urns may be buried in a full plot, along with the remains of a traditional interment. There are also sections (small lots) of the cemetery specifically for cremated remains. Only a flat, inground marker is allowed in these smaller lot areas.

Q. I notice various wreaths and other personal items near markers in the cemetery. What are the regulations concerning such items?
A. The Directors respect the various ways that individuals express their grief and feelings. We offer a degree of latitude in what may be placed on sites as long as the dignity and character of the cemetery are honored. No glass containers of any kind are allowed. You are asked to review our Rules and Regulations on this site.

Autumn Decorations

Autumn Decorations

Q. When should I place holiday decorations on our lot for the Christmas season?
A. We suggest that you place your decorations on lots by Thanksgiving.

Q. Why does the cemetery close at certain times of the year?
A. The gates are closed under two circumstances: funerals and severe weather conditions in the winter. To help with the flow of traffic during funerals, one of the gates is closed so everyone comes in the same gate and leaves by a designated exit. In the winter, the cemetery is closed for severe weather conditions, such as dangerous icing, deep snow or fallen trees across roadways. In addition, because many of our small memorial stones are close to our narrow roads, it is impossible to see them when covered with snow and damage may occur to them.

Q. I notice the cemetery has installed seven, granite benches throughout the cemetery. May I have a bench on my own lot?
A. No. Following a program initiated by JCA, families donated the seven benches which were placed on cemetery property chosen by JCA. Individuals may not place benches or other such structures on their individual lots. Lot owners may place traditional cemetery markers/gravestones on their lots following cemetery rules.

A place to rest

A place to rest

Q. If the cemetery does not allow additional granite benches in the cemetery, what might I contribute to the beauty or maintenance of the cemetery?
A. JCA welcomes contributions to a series of enhancements to the cemetery, including donations for trees, repair of fallen historic gravestones, cemetery activities, and more. Please send us an email for a listing of these projects.

Written by Ed Hughes, based on Decisions of the Board of Trustees; subject to change.(updated 2021)