Gains & Goals

The Jonesville Cemetery Association is committed to enhancing all aspects of the cemetery to provide a resting place of beauty and peace for our lot owners’ loved ones.

Goals for 2022
Conduct tree evaluation of entire cemetery
Form monument committee to meet one day per month, May through September, for repair of 2 – 3 gravestones per day
Install split rail fence on cemetery property, on the west side of cemetery, after new owners have completed a survey
Maintain our roads
Invite trustees to take a trip through cemetery at least every two weeks for observations of conditions
Form committee to do a complete inventory of available graves

Achievements in 2021
Remove tree in Area D
Add “No Pet Walking” signs
Introduce answering service (518) 292-0586
Introduce metal planking around gravesite*
Strengthen cemetery roads where needed; replace foundations under two cemetery benches
Upgrade work area in rear of cemetery and on the west side of Area E*; remove fallen branches/trees from Pastoral Walk  near Area E; remove stump in Area G

Achievements in 2020
Professional evaluation of lightning struck tree
Paint Maintenance Shed
Bell Tower (including roof) and electrical box stained.

Achievement in  2019

  • Sale of 31 lots.
  • New area markers and posts to be purchased.
  • Bell tower, electrical box and roof stained as well as 4×4 posts (used for markers).
  • Maintenance shed painted.
  • Rules and Regulations signs scraped and painted.
  • Repair broken and fallen monuments.
  • Tree removal, maintenance and replacement. Committee to be formed in the Spring of 2019.

Achievements in 2018:

Establish new host for website
Explore new gravesites in Area D
Clean shed
Locate Potters Field

Achievements for 2017:

Recruit 2 new Board members
Install posts at the VanVranken lot in section A to protect the steps that were repaired
Repair some memorial stones
Assess the space available in the cemetery

Achievements in 2016:

• Tree removal and fence repair on the south side of the cemetery.
• Repairs made on the storage shed and gutters in place.
• 44 lots sold, 35 burials.
• Explored alternative locations and options for cremains.
• Erected a sign for a woman’s headstone which was illegible.
• Repair and restoration of steps in the Van Vranken lot.
• A bookkeeper has been hired.

Achievements From 2006 – 2015

Recognition by the NYS Divison of Cemeteries and by being placed on the National Register of Historic Place
Designated as being in the top 25% of cemeteries our size by the Division of Cemeteries
A sound financial plan to secure the future of the cemetery
New cemetery fence which spans the entire front of the cemetery
Granite benches throughout to provide a place of rest and reflection
Reconstruction of the MacElroy retaining wall and expansion of the seating area
Veterans’ Memorial at the flag pole
Bell Tower with the original bell from the former Grace Episcopal Church from Main Street
Hatlee Trustees Memorial at the enhanced water pump area
Map Display and tour guide
Vault Garden with new retaining walls to recall the location of the 1888 vault
Electrical panel to provide lighting to the bell tower and flag, and to activate the automatic ringing of the bell
Area Signage throughout the cemetery
Privacy screening in Area D
Preservation Program to repair, clean, and stabilize memorial stones
Acceptance of the abandoned memorial stones from a Clifton Park Methodist Church
Computerized database and images of all memorials to help in the location
Expansion of Rules and Regulations to provide consistency
Jonesville Cemetery web site
DVD of all aspects of the history and cemetery
Keeping in Touch newsletter
Archive of original map of cemetery, original deed, and all newsletters/supplements at the Clifton Park/Halfmoon Public Library
Placement of memorial stones on unmarked graves

 We invite lot owners to suggest goals for the Trustees to consider. Send us an email on the Contact page.