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Our Friends of the Cemetery

Appreciation to the following donors to the Project/ Cemetery  Fund (2021-22)
Nancy Bellamy [in Memory of William and Lorraine Ryan]
Raymond Casey
Nevia Carlos
Carol Entwistle Legacy Gift
George Gottwald
Barbara Hartman in Memory of Ralph Hartman, Veteran
David Joseph
Thomas Koscielniak
Barbara Ross Oberdieck

[Total $17,094)

We Proudly Acknowledge Contributors to the JCA Fence/Project Fund/Gifts

Benefactors ($1000+)

Marti Rideout in Memory of Elsie George
Helen & Lusk Boswell (Past Gift to JCA))
Emerick Funeral Home
Anne-Marie, Judy & Ed Hughes in Memory of Susan Hughes
Jeannette & Harold Magnussen (Past Gift to JCA)
Dr.& Mrs. Twitty Styles in Memory of Mrs. Octavia Glasgow and Mr. Orlando Alfonso Glasgow
In Memory of Willard & Marion Dyer and Crayford & Elsie Hatlee
In Memory of Richard and Mildred Boyer
Leslie Van Campen (Bequest)
Kathy & Robert Van Patten Jr.
Vernon “Duke” Wood (Past Gift to JCA)

Sponsors ($500 – $999)

William & Nancy Connor
Norman Goldman
Harry Ordemann
Marie Schneider in Memory of Mary and Rudy
John & Myrill L. Steimer in Memory of George and Myrill Edmiston
Diane & Michael Stiles
Robert & Dolores White
Kathleen & Douglas Wood in Memory of Tina Wood Daily

Donors ($200 – $499)

Anonymous (1)
Arthur & Marjorie Bates in Memory of Barbara Bates
In Memory of Caterina
In Memory of Charles W. Owen
In Memory of Cheryl Steitzer
The Caseys in Memory of Sue Hughes
Valerie Dechene
Cheryl & George Gottwald
George & Anne Riebel in Memory of Our Parents
Fred Ross, Sr. in Memory of Marion T. Ross
Joyce Ross in Memory of Malcolm Ross
Douglas & Linda A. Welch in Memory of Stella Hatlee Youmans,
Henry T. Hatlee, Edward C. Youmans, Margaret Hatlee

Contributors ($100 – $199)

In Memory of James Roger Kopta
In Memory of Ellen L. Mahan
In Memory of Bernard McGuire
In Honor of Michael McGuire
In Memory of Ed Palange Jr.
In Memory of The Smith Family/In Honor of Gerald M. Smith
Allan & Neva Atwell
James & Teresa Bates Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Enrico J. Bianchi in Memory of Eric J. Bianchi
Mildred Brandt in Memory of Donald Brandt
Peter Brooks
Rowland & Ruth Conklin In Memory of Bruce S. Conklin/ in Honor of John Davey
Curt Daniels in Memory of Bertha A. Daniels
Mary Beth Dopp and Robert L. Sammler in Memory of Louis S & Mary A. Sammler
Eagle Crest Golf Club in Memory of Karen Potter Campbell
Virginia Ford in Memory of Brian P. Ford
Malcolm C. Hinman in Memory of Dr. Donald L. Hinman and Mr. Joel D. Hinman
David J. & Eleanor R. Holden in Memory of David M. Holden
James Ireland in Memory of Joan P. Ireland
Margaret L. Kalwa in Memory of Francis H. Kalwa
Mr. & Mrs. C. Daniel Keegan in Memory of Tracy Jude Keegan
Lois D. Kelly in Memory of John P. Kelly
Gerald & Mary Kilanoski
McCallum Family in Memory of William and Rita McCallum
Marlys Joanne McGinnis
George & Lillian Neal in Memory of Dean S. Neal
George & Florence Palange in Memory of Edw. A. Palange Jr.
Richard J. Polsinello
Mildred D. Raney in Memory of Wilton M. Raney
James M. Robert in Memory of Cysie A. Robert
Robert K. Ruetten in Memory of Mary Ann Ruetten
Conrad & Kelli Sack in Memory of Mr. Paul Done
Glenda L. Schwartz in Memory of Harlow Schwartz
Richard Scott
Geraldine Spetla in Memory of Charles Spetla,Sr.
Betty & Gene Stefanacci in Memory of Kelsey Elizabeth (Granddaughter)
Jan & John Steimer in Memory of Myrill & George Edmiston
Yan C. Tsui
Sally & Donald Vedder in Memory of Myrtle Heslop
Wayne F. Wales in Memory of Betty Ann Wales

Friends ($99 or less)

Anonymous (10)
Mildred J. Baranowski in Memory of Robert E. Baranowski
In Memory of James E. Bliss
In Memory of Elizabeth Campbell Burke
Bernard & Beverly Cunningham in Memory of the Bates Family
In Memory of Mark C. Guthorn
Raymond L. Benoit in Memory of Arlone Benoit
Jean M. Carter in Memory of John H. Carter
Neil Cherkosly in Memory of Celia Noch
Jon & Susan Cole in Memory of Thomas Paul Thomason III
Douglas Coulombe in Memory of Arlene M. Coulombe
Carol & Mike Dyer in Memory of Helen & Reggie Brasholz
Judith E. Ewing in Memory of Jack A. Ewing
Jeanne F. Forsyth in Memory of Mary R. Plunkett and in Honor of Robert W. Forsyth
Hahn Family in Memory of Leopoldine Messemeakers
Elsie George in Memory of Wayne Dyer
Randall R. Gifford
June & Frank Locke in Memory of Nancy Ann Slate
McCallum Girls in Loving Memory of Bill and Rita McCallum
Sara Korzen in Memory of Edward Mash
Robert Pfeil in Memory of Karl & Charlotte Pfeil
Yvonne A. Spring in Memory of Terry and Barry Spring
Samuel Syrotynski
Cynthia B. Troischt
Alyce Verch
Kathleen Verch Murphy in Memory of Richard R. Verch
Lois & Bill Wilson

Gifts to the Cemetery

Granite Cemetery Benches ($500)
Cammarata Family in Memory of Nicholas Cammarata
William and Nancy Connor
Emerick Funeral Home
Dr. Constance Glasgow-Styles in Memory of the Glasgow Family
Anne-Marie, Judy and Ed Hughes in Memory of Susan Hughes
Donald Mulligan in Memory of Caterina
John and Myrill L. Steimer/George and Nancy Edmiston in Memory of George and Myrill Edmiston
Porter Family in Memory of Wayne Porter
Diane and Michael Stiles in Memory of Frances and Edward Stiles
Ronald and Gail Winters Family
JVC.Aug.2010 048

Map Display
Marie Schneider
Judy and Ed Hughes

Vets Memorial.May, 2009 005

Veterans Memorial Monument
Emerich Funeral Home
Bell pics. dedication ceremony 002.smaller version

Meneely Bell Tower
Hinman Construction Company

Completed Garden.2014

Completed Garden.2014

Vault Garden. late July.2014 007

Vault Garden Project
Judy and Ed Hughes (Design, Plantings)
Jim Varsoke Upgraded Garden in 2020 (see lowest image)

Inscriptions from the 1800’s Educational Sign 
Nancy Bellamy in Memory of William and Lorraine Ryan

2010 Donations:

Mary Kilanoski

Marlys McGinnis

Mildred Boyer

Sara Korzen

Mildred Brandt

Mary MacKenzie

Richard Polsinello

Elsie George

Bill Ireland

Marie Schneider

Judy Hughes

Lawrence Cornell

Tom,Judy Bonds

Alice Jones

Millicent Owen

Ruth Turner

Dante Degni

2011 Donations

Lawrence McCauliffe

Elsie George

Robert Guthorn

Pat Hartman

Welthie Fitzgerald

Valerie Dechene

George Gottwald

2012 Donations

Elizabeth Lenarciak

Sid Batty

Patricia Cameron

Fern Welch
Douglas Coulombe

Elsie George

Mildred Brandt

Doris Cameron

Elsie George

Louis Pasquarell

Eric Mohr

Charles/Hester Male

Hazel Dyer

Phyllis Western

Denise Chriss

Berlin, Nancy and Frank

Hughes, Judy and Ed

Michael Dyer

Richard Polsinello

Karen Zakriski

Barbara Hartman

Mary Beth Dopp.Robert Sammler

Donations 2013 (Vault Garden)

Ruth Turner

William Brooking

Fern Welch

Alice Jones

Ruth Turner

Beth Dopp

Robert Simons
Mary Kilanoski

Elizabeth Lenarciak

Sid Batty

Karen Zakriski

Barb Hartman

Judy, Ed Hughes

Richard Polsinello

Twitty Stiles

Don MacElroy

Val Dechene


Frank Berlin


2014 Donations (Hatlee Memorial, MacElroy Project)

Hester Male

Phyllis Western

Ed & Judy Hughes

Willard Chamberlin

Kathleen Sanvidge

Patricia Hatlee

Frank,Nancy Berlin

Don MacElroy

Donations 2014 (150th Anniversary)

Richard Scott

Richard Polsinello

Elizabeth Lenarciak

Marlys Rudick

Ruth Turner

Lawrence McCauliffe

Sidney Batty

Marge Bates

Cynthia Troischt

James Ireland

Mary Mackenzie

Gerd,Tracey Wolny

Deb Botch

Art Pettes

George/Cheryl Gottwald

Barbara Tata

Willis Hayner

Gary Stewart

Betty/Bill Casey

Leslie Miller

Beverly Baranowski

Richard Cooper

Carolyn Fronczek

Lawrence Mautone

Robert Simons

Tom Koscielniak

John Ordemann

George/Florence Palange

Nancy Bellamy

Catherine John

Abelardo Balagtas

Michielle Sullivan
Tom/Judy Bonds

Martha Kaupang

Carol/Ed Kennelly

Patricia Hatlee

Harold Weatherwax

Sara Korzen

Patricia/Peter Simpson
James Decker

Ed/Judy Hughes

Ruth Turner

Dennis MacElroy

Mildred Brandt

Paul,Judy Haskel

Alice Angelo

Don MacElroy

Mary Beth Dopp

Kathleen Callahan

Bob,Ann Sharpe

Ruth Turner

Barbara Hartman
Fred,Karen Bever
Jeffrey Kausch

Marilyn Sysol

Alice,Roger Jones

Gerald/Barbara Tyrrell

Fred & Jo Ann Dickman

The Friends of the Cemetery was formed by Ed Hughes.