National Register of Historic Places

Jonesville Cemetery
A Victorian Resting Place

 We invite you to visit our non-sectarian cemetery as you consider a resting place for those you love. Located in Jonesville, NY, on eleven acres in southern Saratoga County, Jonesville Cemetery offers a park-like, country setting with trees and rolling hills. We trust you will find the answers to your questions about our history, our layout, our regulations, and contact information, as you move through our website. 

 Contact information:

Telephone: 518-292-0586

Jonesville Cemetery serves as a model for your community…with a pro-active board who has shown great concern in both managing Jonesville Cemetery and planning for its care in perpetuity.”

(Evaluation by Department of State, Division of Cemeteries)

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Notes from Our Lot Owners

Jonesville Cemetery Association welcomes feedback from our lot owners on how we are doing and what we can do to improve. Because these owners took the time to write us, we thought we would share them with our appreciation: Thank you for all you do to keep the cemetery a welcome place for families to …

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